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Pikey Mick – Specializes in the design and creation of cutting edge coils, glorious vape juice and beautiful, handmade acrylic drip tips.

I began vaping after an accident involving my motorcycle and a Fallow Deer left me hospitalised. I had given up smoking, but it was always a trauma that sent me back over the edge so this time I decided to try vaping instead and thankfully can now say that I am no longer a smoker and never again will be. However as my fellow vapers will appreciate, being a newbie often leads you through many trials and errors until you discover your place and can settle down to enjoy your devices and the various juices out there.

Firstly I went down the tobacco flavours route, only to find that almost all were a very poor substitute for the real thing, and then hit the Holy Grail search for the perfect RY4. This in turn took me into the sweetshop realm of various fruit etc flavours, but I have now come to the conclusion that if I want sweets then I go to the local pick and mix counter, I certainly don t want to be breathing them in! Mint for me is a complete turn off in any shape or form unless it is on my roast so I have managed to avoid the menthols. This is not a criticism of other vapers and as we know it is a subjective pastime and as variety is indeed the spice of life, I am quite happy to sit and enjoy the pleasure on others faces as they chug away on their juice of choice.

But one thing I do know, I have been blessed with a good nose for flavour which stands me in good stead as I use my art to cook for friends and family. So, recently I decided to employ this art in the creation of juices that I can enjoy and hopefully share with you.

Personally, I enjoy the juices most when vaped between 65 and 75 watts. If you are that person, then give my juice a go, and I hope that this will bring you hours of pleasure.

Zippy – Specializes in nicking Mick’s coils, drip tips and rinsing his juice.
Purveyor of hardware and all round geek.

I had been a smoker for some 45 years and had tried and failed to give up many times until I realised that I actually enjoyed smoking, but I didn’t want to kill myself in the process.

I started down the usual route of the plastic e-cigs, but they still require a certain amount of willpower due to the weedy amount of vapour they produce. Then I tried the pen type, the ones you find in garages and the local corner shop, ego twist with a mini protank atop. Better, but I still was not getting what I considered to be a full and satisfying vape.

It was about this time that my good friend and partner in crime, Pikey Mick, had discovered the Holy Grail in vaping kit. This produced huge, satisfying clouds but the juices available online were too strong and in a lot of cases, somewhat disappointing, fine if you are sipping it through the plastic sticks but not so good in the advanced kit we were now using.

Mick was also disappointed with the online offerings and so after much research decided to make his own. This turned out to be an excellent move as he was able to tailor the strength and flavour to the advanced mods and atties, and with his chef abilities, produced some very fine juices indeed that were neither harsh or synthetic tasting.  We now work together on sourcing quality kit and producing the finest juice.

Together, we are The Steamboyz.

Mastering the Dark Arts of SubOhmetry

Purveyors of Fine Instruments of SubOhmetry and Efficacious Vaping Elixirs.

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